Susan Raebeck

February 15, 2017
What a fun week! The children loved celebrating the 100th Day of School. They counted out their 100 collections in groups of 10, then lined up their items to see how far they extended.  One child’s reached halfway down the hall!  At the end of the day the Buddies visited to help do the activities in the packet. As always, eating a muffin or cookie in 100 bites was a big hit, along with stringing 100 Fruit Loop on a  necklace, and seeing how far you could get in 100 steps.

         Valentine’s Day was also wonderful.  Thanks to Beth, Jeanne, and Holly for the wonderful craft and delicious snack.  After that the children passed out their valentines, which took a good 10 minutes, then opened and read them.  It was so cute to see how they were excited by and savored each valentine.

         Thank you to all who sent in special treats for these fun-filled days.

         The week after vacation looks to be exciting, too!  Wednesday, February 27 we will be going skating and Thursday, February 28 is the trip to the Planetarium.  Those of you who wanted to chaperone are all welcome.  Thank you all for getting your permission slips in so quickly.
Over the vacation, have your children go onto Raz-Kids.  Go to sraebeck and you will see your child's name.  The password is the bunny.  The children were taught how to use it this week in Computer.
When we return from vacation, we will have an addition to our class from Columbia, Martina. Always good to have an even number of children!

 One other reminder – Thursday, March 7 at 7:00 is Kindergarten Orientation for children who turn 5 by December 1, 2019. If you know anyone who meets this criteria, please spread the word!

                   Have a wonderful vacation!