Nina Landi

Mrs. Landi's Class

Welcome to KL! 

Happy New Year!
KL could use some spoons and some good tissues if anyone wants to donate! 

KL is studying CASTLES! If anyone has anything interesting to share about anything that has to do with CASTLES, please let us know!

We will be building a castle soon out of cardboard, and may need some cereal boxes, etc. We will let you know!

Lucky Ducks
A couple of times a month, when the kids have been super wonderful, they are allowed to pick out a Lucky duck. We gets all different kinds from Amazon and Oriental Trading. If you would like to contribute to the Lucky Duck Box,
please feel free!

When in doubt, LABEL IT! 

As you prepare for the start of school, it would be helpful for you to label backpacks,
lunch boxes, water bottles and jackets
with first and last names.
Believe it or not, we often have duplicates in the room. 

Dismissal Procedures:

PLEASE make sure we have a written plan for how your child will be getting home!
If anyone other than a parent is picking up a child,
we need it in writing!


In Kindergarten, sneakers rule! 
Please remember we play outside for an hour a day, and safe shoes are a must.  KL goes outside each and every day unless it rains!  

KL Collects:

We have started to collect those clear plastic gelato containers for all sorts of things.
They are quite useful as they have good lids.
If you have any that you don't want, we would be grateful! 


Reminder about toys:

Please remind your child to keep toys and personal items at home. They are easily lost, and cause distractions during the day. We have amazing things to work with here at school, so toys from home are not needed!

Thanks for your cooperation :)

Caps To Benches Project:
KL is leading a school-wide plastic cap and lid collection. We are going to recycle the caps and lids and have a benches made!  We need 400 pounds per bench. Encourage everyone to save caps and lids- #2, #4, and #5 are accepted. 
Total to date: 2,300+ pounds! 
Three benches have been made!
Plans for our next projects are underway :)

Don't forget that on Friday the students and staff wear red and black, our SHES school colors!

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