Mindy Reyer

Dear Pre-K Friends and Family,

This Week's Events: The students will be introduced to diagonal, or slide, letters: A,K,M,N,Q,R,V,W,X,Y & Z.  Diagonal is also a terrific geometry term to learn.  Whats not to love about Valentine's Day?  Draw a heart for your loved ones, make a card and show your love.  We will end the week with Pajama Day!  What do you do before bedtime?  What's your child's favorite bedtime story?

Last Week's Events: Our local Groundhog saw his shadow!  6 more weeks of winter.  Are groundhogs nocturnal? (no).  For Storyworkshop the students were asked: If you were a nocturnal animal, what would you be and why? What type of jobs do people do at night?  because people don't hibernate, we have to keep moving!  What does a Puppy Pose look like? Ask your child.

Books We  Read: Secret Of The First One UpNight In The City, Goodnight Moon, Valentine's Day

Important Dates:  

No School Monday, February 18-22.  Winter Break