Lisa Rice

It is THAT time of year!  Halloween is over.  Have you heard the Christmas songs in the stores yet???  If you've been at the school, you know that all the performing groups have started their holiday music as far back as September!  Concert season is right around the corner!!!!   Our band and chorus students will present their Holiday Concert on Thursday, December 13th.  Performing Arts classes will present their holiday shows in December and don't forget about our 'sneak peeks' in Morning Program!   Notices will be going home soon..... Please watch backpacks and folders for them!!!!!


All programs are up and running!  All 4th and 5th grade band students have had their first (second and third) lessons of the year and are getting back to the routine.  Just a reminder that all students have received calendars for the month of October.  It is the student's responsibility to attend lessons. If they cannot attend (special visitor in class, important subject matter, etc..), they must see me to schedule a make up lesson.

Kindergarten Violin students said a big GOODBYE to the cardboard/practice violins last week. They are SO EXCITED to be playing the 'real' violins.  We are working on holding the violin with our left and the bow with our right hands.  Next... onto playing the E string!!!!

Second graders have started working on their December Performing Arts Show.  Each week, the entire grade meets in the GYM.  We work on talking on the microphone, acting, singing and dancing.  Small groups meet with Mr. Osborne to work on props and scenery.  Another small group meets with Mr. Fox to work on speaking, projection and memorization.  Look for our announcement in November regarding our performance date!

After School Band will start on OCTOBER 10.  All students who play a band instrument (flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, drums) are members of After School Band.  We meet in the GYM following dismissal.  Pick up time is 4:10-4:15.  PLEASE make sure your child knows how they are getting home after Band.

If you are looking for the current lesson schedule or need more information regarding BAND (including SCMEA and NYSSMA), PERFORMING ARTS or KINDERGARTEN VIOLIN, please refer to the tabs on the left.  If you can't find what you are looking for, please email me directly at