Jeff Reed

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February 15, 2019

Dear 4R Parents,

Valentines in class was amazing! We made cards for the principal and our room parents. We decorated the entire room and prepared for Valentines. We pre-learned equivalent fractions for a fun afternoon game. After lunch, we celebrated the holiday and then played a friendship game with fractions. Thank you for all the cards and Valentines gifts for all the kids in 4R!

Friday: Holiday Carnival sponsored by the Room Parents from 1:15 to 2:20

Winter break begins 2/15/19

Thank you to all 4R parents for the many donations for Valentines and for the carnival. We really do appreciate all you do for us. 
Over the break, kids may still work on IXL Geometry (many are not complete). Some need to do xTraMath and/or check Google Classroom for incomplete work. If all is done, your child can read or study the Quizizz and Quizlet site. 

We begin fractions after the break. In ELA, we will continue persuasive writing


We are in the midst of many new topics including:
Exploration and Colonization
Science of Matter (Physical Science)
Energy (transfers of energy)
Geometry and Fractions 
Note: Google Classroom is up and running for all HW assignments.

xTra math is still assigned for those students who are not complete. There are GoogleClassroom  reading and study assignments also.  There is a science assignment on matter in progress that is done online but is was due January 25. 

general notice for the remaining year: When paper HW is light, the IXL site as well as CastleLearning site has everything important in all subject areas. The kids now have Google Classroom in full effect. I highlighted the required skills. Also xTraMath is critical. Many kids remain behind, so this would be good to complete at least twice weekly.