Mr. Martin (3M)


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Welcome to 3M


Warmest greetings to the families who will form the team in 3for the 2018-2019 school year.  As your children begin the 3rd Grade, it is an exciting moment full of fresh questions, new potentials and the types of challenges that will help our young scholars learn more about themselves and grow.  


This year we will endeavor to cultivate greater academic independence and personal responsibility for our own learning as we work together as an interdependent learning team.  


We will seek to develop a greater understanding of the value of cooperation as we take turns mentoring and being mentored, following our teammates supportively and eventually leading them with surefooted confidence.  


The instructional team will establish a tone of respectfulness and community and encourage our happy-hearted charges to contribute to the team what they hope to extract from it—a brilliant sense of fulfillment, self-discipline and consistent social and academic success.


Our literary detectives, artists and aspiring writers, our problem-solvers and critical thinkers, our cartoonists and calligraphers will all individually devote themselves to the spirit of inquiry, share what they know and boldly pursue the ideas that capture their curiosity.  


The children in 3will strengthen their abilities to think critically as they apply the scientific method, engage with new math concepts, support a literary interpretation with concrete evidence from the text, logically sequence an essay or piece of descriptive writing and make connections between events from the past and situations unfolding in the present day.


The structure of our mission will include the Singaporese-inspired gold standard for mathematics instruction, a balanced literacy program organized around Fountas and Pinnell principles, a Fundations word study program augmented by a weekly spelling list and explicit instruction in English grammar, a “hands-on,” lab-based approach to teaching science concepts and a New York State social studies curriculum that will raise our young citizens’ awareness of civics and government and the rich trove of American history that awaits them around every corner in the town of Sag Harbor.


The instructional team looks forward to serving your families this year, and we hope that you will feel comfortable sharing your own experiences and insights in order to ensure that our mission together is a smashing success.  Let’s grow!

Very Truly Yours,

Mr. Martin & Co.