The Power of Read Aloud
We all know the importance of reading and how important it is for children to learn to read, but did you know that reading aloud to children is just as important as getting children to themselves?  There is a bit of a misconception that when a child reaches a certain age, they are too old to be read to and so therefore, adults stop reading aloud to them.  "Research shows that reading aloud is the single most important thing you can do to help a child prepare for reading and learning."
What you will find is that children of ALL ages, absolutely LOVE to be read to.  The "Power of Read Aloud" can do wonders for children's literacy.  There are many benefits to reading aloud to children.
  1. It helps children learn how reading should sound fluently
  2. It helps build vocabulary and fosters language development
  3. It fosters all sorts of discussions and helps children gain knowledge
  4. It instills a love for reading
  5. It helps children with important literacy skills such as phonics, comprehension and storytelling skills
  6. It helps students and adults bond over books.
Reading aloud to children every day can take as little as 15 minutes a day or as long as you and your child have time for.  However long you choose to invest in reading aloud, just remember that the more often you read aloud to children, the better they will start to develop as true readers.
Below are some links that you may find helpful:
You may also be interested in the book  "The Read-Aloud Handbook" by Jim Trelease.  The first half of this book discusses the importance of reading aloud to children and the second half contains a treasury of great books to be read-aloud.
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