Gary Osborne

Welcome to Mr. Osborne's Art Studio, 2018-2019

Parents & Caregivers,

I am grateful for this moment to bring wonder and exploration into your child's life through art and design. In the art studio the children will be able to see our world as a beautiful place through the practice of 2D and 3D art with the exploration of a variety of mediums.
This website will generally be used to keep parents and caretakers informed on students' learning through the art program at SHES.  I teach Kindergarten art, 1st grade art art/science, and 4th grade art.
I will mostly communicate your child's work through an online platform called ARTSONIA.COM. Here you will be able to log on to view your child's art. At points through out the year I enjoy sending photos of your child working on projects within the classroom.

The Art Program

The goal of the visual arts at SHES is to provide students with a safe, child-centered experience where students explore through wonder, creativity and skill. Each child will develop and execute ideas visually through storytelling where the children will practice listening an building a pictorial sensibility Students will be inspired through their developing knowledge of use of materials, our natural environment and art history, both local and global.

Students will develop knowledge and skills and understanding in a wide variety of media where they practice techniques and craft.  Students will also learn to collaborate with others and reflect upon their art and art making process, producing independent and reflective, creative thinkers by the end of their time at SHES.

The 4th grade will have a deeper understanding and development into the commercial arts, art history and sophisticated hand crafts. 

Parent Involvement

In the art studio we use our natural environment and the seasons as our primary inspiration for creativity and exploration. During your walks and weekend hikes with your children please feel free to collect treasures for nature and bring them into the art studio (acorns, driftwood, beautifully colored autumn leaves, etc.)

If you are a practicing artist who is willing to share your expertise, are passionate about art, or would just like to help out in the classroom or on field trips, please let me know!  We all have busy schedules, so planning ahead is essential.  Please email me with what capacity you are interested in helping and we can start a dialogue about the best way to get involved.

If you are interested in volunteering to help on days that involve more specialized expertise and require an extra set or two of adult hands, please let me know as well. 

Art Smocks (Dress your child for art making)

Students are not required to wear an art smock during art class.  Art smocks are available for students in the classroom if they choose to wear one.  Some days are messier than others.  Please send students to school in art making appropriate wear on art days.

Fashion Club

In the fall and spring of 2018 and 2019 a FASHION CLUB will be announced for the 5th grade students.

Showcasing the work of each child within the school or community events empowers and builds confidence with our students. These successes are documented and shared through a variety of local art exhibitions (Parish Art Museum, CeMe, & Longhouse Reserve) and Competitions (Doodle 4 Google) throughout the academic year and through displays of student work in the halls of SHES. Special programs are created to enhance each students visual awareness. The 4th and 5th grade take part in a 4-week long digital photography program with an artist-in-residence photographer as well as partner with Watermill Center to create an inspired art project.

The SHES student leaves as a creative thinker, independent and with the artistic knowledge to develop ideas, choose materials, problem solve and reflect upon both the process and the final product.

Kindergarten & 1st Grade

The art program at SHES brings wonder and delight to the existing beauty of our natural world through art. The children discover the principles of design through storytelling and song then practice these principles with a variety of 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional materials. The students discover line through our environment, physical movement then the use of materials. Art is inspired by the seasons and the children use discover color through watercolor and how colors have relationships. In theses early years of art many fine motor skills are developed with the use of clay, cutting, weaving, tearing and folding.

Overview of projects & learning

Line in Nature


Pastels & Sketchbook Practice

Textile Arts

3-D Wet Felting

Pouches and Bowls

Clay & Sculpture

Autumn Votive

Pinch Pots


Wet on Wet Watercolor (materials)

Yellow & Red / Blue & Yellow

Value & Light


Denim Blues


Found Natural Materials




Textile Arts

4th Grade

The upper primary grades focus on skill and technique in design through a variety of historical or cultural contexts. More technique is introduced with perspective drawing, building with measurements, layering 2-D materials, sculpting from observation, light and shadow and textile and surface design. The students will understand the roles and process of commercial artists during each project and how art relates to roles in our culture. Each project will allow the student to plan, discover, assess, create and respond using depth of knowledge questioning.

Overview of projects & learning

Sketchbook Development


Art & Design

Textile Print & Repeat Design


Home Furnishing Design

Architectural Letter Art

Design & Construction


Clay & Sculpture

Jewelry Design

Art Deco & Ancient Egypt


Tote Bag

Textile Arts & Fashion

Clay & Sculpture

Ancient Vessels

Mixed Media Pottery

Perspective Drawing



Figure Drawing

Anatomy and Proportion

Mixed Media

Mr. Gary Osborne