Kara Romeo

Mrs. Romeo's PreK

Thank you for sharing your children with us!!!!

 Please check the section labeled "Friday Letter" each month as it is updated monthly and usually some current photos are added!


Here are some reminders to help our new little learners achieve success

Label everything they will be bringing to school.

Send them with the appropriate clothing for each season.

Dress in clothes that they are allowed to get messy, we do a lot of fun but messy things.

Have them wear sneakers or sandals with straps to protect their feet, we do a lot of running!

‚ÄčNo need to send them in with toys, we have plenty at school.

PLEASE provide a note if your child's transportation arrangements change in any way!

Always talk to your child about their day and tell them how proud you are of their accomplishments!

You are always welcome into our classroom and please don't forget to sign up for...


Please come in and enjoy your child and this precious time you have with them!

Please don't forget to read them a bedtime story every night.

Wishes for a wonderful school year.

Mrs. Romeo & Mrs. DiLorenzo